Welcome to the Bluehill Home Inspection LLC Website.

Your home is your valuable investment and our job is to protect your investment by finding out any hidden defects of the house.

We invite you to come along during the inspection. We answer all the questions and concerns regarding your home as well as identify those items which require special care or attention.

We will record all of our findings, explain the implications of the findings, and make recommendation as necessary to a corrective resolution.

Our reports are narrative style reports which include color photographs of each part of the home, and clearly illustrate the findings of our inspection.

The report will be ready for you in two days, just log in our website with your own user ID and password provided by us and review or download it. You can see a sample home inspection report we have produced by going to the Sample Report page.

We use HomeGauge inspection software to generate a professional report with a password protected link for viewing.